1915 Dutch Molehair Teddy Bear

1915 Dutch Molehair Teddy Bear

This Teddy Bear has seen a lot in its life time!

The manufacture/company is unknown!

Teddy is made of Molehair, with jointed arms and legs, metal button eyes, nose and metal plates in the feet, and missing is its right ear. 

But what makes this teddy so unique, its not what its made of, but its story it has to tell. 

I found teddy bear on Antiques Dealer website in Wisbeck Uniited Kingdom. I was originally looking for a circa teddy bear from 1910 to 1915. But when I came upon this bear, it spoke to me. I in boxed the Antique Dealer, asking if they had any info on the bear. The Anitque Dealer responded, saying it belonged to his grandmother who has since long passed. She had it in her possesion since she was a little girl, living in Hamburg, Germany. She left Hamburg in 1922, so we place the date of teddy around 1915. She left Germany with her family settling in the United Kingdom. It remained in her possesion for over 70 plus years until her passing, then was passed down to family. I explained to dealer, that the bear was of interest to my Museum and would be put on exhibit, and i wish to share his grandmothers teddy bear with everyone. 

I don't know all what this bear has seen, but to still be around after enduring two world wars is truley a wonderful piece of history. 

Shawn Butler/Founder Yesteryear Funland