1938 J.G. Schrodel IDEAL Wind-up Toy Gun "Germany"

1938 J.G. Schrodel IDEAL Wind-up Toy Gun "Germany" 

The J.G. Schrodel Toy Company was found in 1846 in Nuremberg, Germany.

During World War II and The Great Depression, the IDEAL Novalty & Toy Company, spread past their normal dealings with dolls, and teddy bears, and merged with German toymaker J.G. Schrodel who solely made toy guns and summer toys. 

Together they have sold many toy guns around the world for decades.  

Grandparents and Parents, of the 1930's would purchase these toy guns for .35 cents, as a gift for their young grandsons or sons. 

Today, the boxes alone can fetch a pretty penny, because of the wonderful art work.