1978 Simon Electronic Game

1978 Simon Electronic Game by Milton Bradley Company

Inventor Ralph Baer is best known for developing the first video game system, started and independent consulting business and began to work in association with Marvin Glass & Associates in Chicago, the toy design firm responsible for some of the most successful American toys of the 20th century. Baer's job was to develop electronic toys and games. Best known result "Simon." Named after the popular children's game "Simon says," the game was also inspired by an Atari game called "Touch Me." 

Baer and Howard Morrison, a partner at Marvin Galss, first saw Touch Me at a trade show in 1976. Both agreed that while the execution of the game was horrible, the game itself-trying to repeat a musical sequence the machine created-was worthy of exploration. The two set about creating a handheld game around the same concept. 

Like Touch Me, Siman had four different colored buttons. Each button played a unique tone. Players had to be able to repeat an increasingly long string of tones that Simon Created. If you got the order wrong, you lost, then had to start all over again.