1990's Patches & Pockets Rag Dolls

Patches & Pockets was a Saturday morning television show that aired for over eighteen years in Toledo, Ohio on TV channel 11, WTOL. The title characters were a brother and sister pair of rag dolls played by Bev Schwind and Sue Donner, respectively. Both lived in Port Clinton, Ohio

The rag dolls lived in a toy box with their large stuffed red dog. They went about their day entertaining children on the set and having misadventures in the studio "Neighborhood" or at various sites in the Toledo Metropolitan area. One of the rag dolls would inevitably get in some trouble and they would find a way to work through the problem. It was a morality show with Patches (Female Rag Doll) having a dilemma or Pockets (Male Rag Doll) creating mischief. Pockets would tell time by looking at his ruler. When Pockets had to concentrate, he would put his shoe on his head.

The opening and closing theme music is excerpted from "The Citizen Cane Overture" by Bernard Hermann.

The dolls feature the same characteristics as their characters, manufactured by International Resources & Sales TM.

These dolls are a tribute to this 1971 to 1989 beloved kids show and their characters. 

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