Back To The 80's & The Toys We Love

On Tour July 1st - September 30th

Yesteryear Funland presents a wonderful trip back to the 80's. 

On exhibit, see some of those totally rad toys you once played with from multiple toy manufactures.

Learn the history of what toys were popular throughout the decade, and are still being manufactured today with the latest technology.

Learn about animation cel production, and the processes used to create 80's cartoons.

Watch Documentary Video
"The Toys That Made Us"
Season 1
Presented by Documentary TV-14

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Monsters AAAHH!!!

On Tour October 1st - November 15th

Take a horrifying trip into your scariest nightmares! On exhibit, see some antique & vintage monster toys you once played with, novelties, and Halloween decorations from long ago, used to scare the heebie-jeebies out of children and adults alike.

See a unique collection of fun and ghoulish masks from the God Fathers of Halloween Don Post & Ben Cooper.

And, visit our mobile art wall for an amazing tribute to the monster that busted his way out of the lab, "Frankenstein.  

See original, and reproduction Frankenstein art work, including a video gallery

"The Frankenstein Family" 

by Monster Art.

Watch Double Documentary Video 

"The history of Aurora Monster Kits"

"Don Post Calendar Masks"
Presented by Monsterama 

Hosted By Elvira "Mistress Of The Dark"

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