Toys of The 30's & 40's

See amazing toys that made their way into homes across the United States, during the Great Depression and World War II.

Discover what toys were used to aid soldiers in combat during World War II.

Learn how manufactures combined their development of toys with the growth of radio and movie theaters, increasing fandom for entertainers, and the toys kids wanted.

Discover how one of Hollywood's youngest female star got her stardom to fame, landing her one of the biggest licensing toy deals of the 1930's.

Watch two short films.

Our first film is a 1930's advertisement of titled: Popular Toys From The 1930's.

By  Steve Person 

Film Duration 4 min 32 sec

Our second film is video/documentary titled: Popular Toys of The 1940's 

By Rhetty For History.

Film duration 5 min 12 sec.