Richard Gallagher

Assistant Curator & Project Specialist

Richard Gallagher, also known as Mr. Gallagher or Mr. G, has been a longtime community activist and volunteer.  Mr. G has served in numerous non-governmental organizations in the Sandusky area.  Among those organizations served are the ‘Sandusky Community Celebrations Council’, the ‘Sandusky Academic Booster Club’, the ‘Sandusky Lions Club’, and the ‘Boys and Girls Club’. The most notable of these organizations was the ‘Sandusky Children’s Museum’, which Mr. G operated for 35 years delivering hands-on science activities throughout Erie County. Now retired, Mr. G continues his volunteer work as a member and treasurer of the ‘Friends of the Sandusky City Greenhouse’. He also acts as an assisting curator, and project specialist for Yesteryear Funland, using his knowledge to help create amazing displays and hands on activities for all to enjoy.

Steve Young

Assistant Curator

Steve was born very early in life in Ashland Ohio. 🤪 Growing up in Loudonville Ohio, he graduated from Londonville High School in 1965. Over the course of 5 years, he studied and graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in Pharmacy. In 1970, he got his first pharmacist job at Gray Drugs. Over the course of 40 plus years, he worked also at King Drug, Rite Aid and now is happy in his retirement. As a member of Calvary Baptist Church, Steve met Shawn who is also a member, creating a wonderful and lasting friendship. After visiting an exhibit shown hosted by Shawn in 2015, Steve was amazed with not only the many toys and pieces of memorabilia on display, but Shawns knowledge of toy history and how it has impacted children through the decades. Steve loves being a small part of Yesteryear Funland Traveling Toy Museum, and looks forward to each appearance. Steve acts as an assisting curator, helping with setting up displays, and bringing various item closer for all to see. Testimony by Steve "I love seeing the many spectators who attend our showcases. It fills my heart with great joy and happiness, to watch everyone's faces "light up" as they relive their early days with their favorite toys."

Chelsea Carroll

Exhibit Coordinator & Assistant Curator

Chelsea Carroll is the niece of Founder Shawn Butler. She currently is a student at The Sandusky Digital Academy. Her studies are in computer science, and business, with the intent to own her own pet rescue facility after graduation from Fielands BGSU. She is a collector of dolls and all things animal related. She is especially fascinated with here uncle's vast toy collection, and loves the multiple themes that peak the interest of all. As a volunteer, she assists her uncle with prepping and planing future exhibits for Yesteryear Funland, and enjoys traveling with him to various locations and meeting all of the spectators.

David Willenger

Assistant Curator

David Willenger was born and raised in Sandusky Ohio, where he graduated from Sandusky High School in 1956. Follwing graduation, he attend Bowling Green State University where he received a degree in Chemistry. In 1960, he receive his first job at NASA as a chemist. Seven years later, he was hired by General Motors as their Chemist for composition in parts manufacturing retiring in 1992. Dave has a profound respect and interest in world history, and is fascinated with the vast history behind toys. He now is an assistant Curator with Yesteryear Funland, and enjoys meeting the wonderful spectators while on Tour. Dave is a devoted love husband, father, and grandfather. He is also a member of Calvary Baptist Church in Sandusky Ohio. He praises God for all the blessings in his life, and desires that all would have the assurance of eternal life through faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Aurora Butler

Assistant Curator