Clients of Yesteryear Funland are required to read and understand our policies page. By reading this page you acknowledge all of our policies, scheduling requirements, rules, regulations, recommendations, cancellations late policy, liability, and privacy policy.

Scheduling an Exhibition

Exhibitions are set up quarterly, unless otherwise specified. Exhibitions take a lot of planning and preparation to ensure our spectators have the best experience possible. Please allow 2 months for planning and preparations.

Please email us at yesteryearfunland@aol.com, and let us know what type of exhibition you are looking to host. Please supply all information including Date; Time; Name & Address of Place of Exhibition; and a brief description about your event.

Once we have your request, one of our planning department members will then contact you within 1-3 business days, and begin the planning process.

Children on Tours

Children ages 6 - 12 are not permitted in designated areas of exhibits without adult supervision. Children under the age of sixteen (16), and one supervising adult is required for every three (3) children under the age of thirteen (13). Larger groups of children such as school exhibitions will be broken up accordingly into several sessions, and additional adult supervision is required. Please advise your younger wards no touching allowed.

It has been our experience that children under the age of six (6) typically become bored, and loose interest really quick. Children who loose interest become fidgety and tend to disrupt the tour. We wish for our spectators to have the best experience possible. To encourage a quality tour we do not recommend children under the age of six (6) attend tours.

Indoor Exhibitions Only Policy!

Exhibitions must be held indoors and in a climate controlled environment!
Exposure to the elements can cause damage to the collection. Some of our collectibles are not replaceable.

Exhibition Spacing

Spacing is very important for our spectators to enjoy themselves and admire the exhibits and participate in fun activities. We ask that when you schedule an exhibition you allow adequate spacing per the number of people attending your event. Space Recommendations are listed on each package selections. Should you have larger crowd than listed, please contact our office for further recommendations.

Eat & Drinking

Yesteryear does not permit eating and drinking in the exhibit area. Persons with food or drink in hand will be asked to discard such items before the tour will begin. Receptions/banquet areas must be a minimum distance of 15 ft away from exhibit area.

Tour Rules

No bags and/or coats are allowed in exhibit area. Please do not touch or pick up any items in the collection unless handed to you by your guide. You are responsible for any damages you cause to the collection or equipment.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

In the event you must cancel your exhibition, clients must contact our office 72 hours prior to their scheduled event.
Clients can rescheduled within the physical year. Please check our calendar page for availability.

In the event Yesteryear Funland must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances or acts of God, such as illness, accident, injury, or death. We will do our best to accommodate and reschedule your event as soon as possible.
To cancel please contact our office directly at: (419)-502-6001 or Cell at: (419)-366-6179

Photography Policy

Questions, photographs, and video are allowed and encouraged.


Yesteryear Funland is not liable for injuries or losses over which it has no control. You are responsible for any and all damages you cause to the collection or equipment.

Privacy Policy

Your email address is kept private and you may unsubscribe at any time to our newsletters. We will never sell or share your address or use it for any purpose other than to communicate with you about Yesteryear Funland.
All Information, prices and policies are subject to change without notice. 

Intellectual Property

Yesteryear Funland LLC respects all associated properties and trademarks of its private collection. The collection is used for educational purposes under the "Fair Use Act", section 107 of Federal Copyright Law.

No funds are used to acquire collectibles.

For more information email yesteryearfunland@aol.com.