Yesteryear Funland Traveling Toy Museum
Let Us Bring Those Childhood Memories to You!

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Let Us Bring Those Childhood Memories To You!

Yesteryear Funland LLC is a traveling toy, game, prop and memorabilia museum located in North Central Ohio.

Featuring thousands of toys from around the world from the early 1900's to present.

Yesteryear packages are great for:
Conventions, Schools, Libraries, Organizations, Weddings, Receptions, Birthday Parties For All Ages, Anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Yesteryear Funland is registered trade name.

Yesteryear Funland is registered as an LLC operating under IRS #84-2001943, and respects all associated properties and trademarks of its private collection.

The collection is used for educational purposes under "the Fair Use Act", section 107 Federal Copyright Law.
No funds are used to acquire collectables.

Please read our Request An Appearance, Traveling Distance, and Policies Pages to become more acquainted with our operations!

Free Comic Book Day

Hi Gang, I have great news! I will be appearing at this years Free Comic Book Day, selling my latest and greatest art pieces to support Yesteryear Funland. All art pieces sold assist with the museum expenses. I will be premiering couple of new art pieces at this epic event! So mark your calendars for Free Comic Book Day! Location: The Pop Shop 3104 Milan Rd, Sandusky, OH 44870 Date: Saturday May 6th, Time: 10 AM - 4 PM

The Copper Whale Winery

Yesteryear Funland will be special guest at The Copper Whale Winery exhibiting a small display of museum artifacts, and selling art works to support the museum. So join us for great finds, great food, and great music! We will be located in the lower level of the big red banquet barn, just look for our sign. Place: The Copper Whale Winner Address: 1734 E McPherson Hwy, Clyde, OH. 43410 Date: Sunday June 18th. Time: 12 Noon - 6 PM

Small Group Package $150.00

This package is great for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Private Parties! Great For Groups of 25 - 60 people Note: $1.00 person will be added after 60 people. Event Duration: 1 hour Includes: An exciting curation of toys, props, dioromas, memorabilia, a documentary video pertaining to the theme.

Large Group Package $200.00

This package is great for schools, libraries, and organizations! Great For Groups 65 - 100 people Note: $1.00 person will be added after 100 People. Event Duration: 1 hour Includes: An exciting curation of toys, props, dioromas, memorabilia, a documentary video pertaining to the theme.

Water Palooza Package $150.00

Water Palooza! A fun way to have outdoor summer fun with your friends and family. We have multiple Super Soakers to choose from, small, medium, and large, including water balloon grenades. Package Duration 1 Hour 30 min

Battlebots Tournament Package $150.00

An Ultimate Battle! You and your guests are in a battle to the death! Choose from one of our many robots! Just like the TV show Battlebots, each robot is equipped with a unique feature that will bash, smash, and crash all their way to the finally. Each tournament is a process of elimination. Each player is required to wear safety glasses to participate. Package Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Die-Cast Racing Package $125.00

You and your guests will have fun ripping, and roaring down our custom made 40' track, full of twists, turns, and hills. Die-cast cars, and trucks are provided! Choose from our long selection of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Maisto. Guests are welcome to use their own die-cast vehicle. All races are conducted as a process if elimination. 1st place trophy will be awarded, courtesy of Yesteryear Funland Rules and regulations will be explained prior to racing. Package Duration 1 hour 30 min

Board Game Mania Package $150.00

Move Foward & Back! Step into the past with one of our many vintage board games. We have multiple versions of Monopoly, Trouble, Operation, Connect Four, and so much more... Package Duration 1 hour 30 min

Easy Bake Oven Session Package $170.00

Express your creative baking talent with our Easy Bake Oven Session. At each baking session, there are several different models of Easy Bake Ovens from various decades, each with their own unique design. All Easy Bake Sessions come with mixing bowls, mixing spoons, a baking pan, pan retriever, cooking spray, and a small bottle of water. Frosting & Sprinkles Available! JUST ADD WATER! Choose from multiple pre-packaged baking ingredients. Each ingredient package comes with easy instructions. Please let us know of food allergies prior to session Package Duration 1 hour 30 min

RC Rally Package $160.00

ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!! Have the time of your life competing for 1st place with our large RC Trucks. Our course is made of durable ridge flexible pipe, loaded with turns, and open areas for passing. About Our RC Trucks Our Horizon RC trucks come equipped with large tires, stand alone parts, and a durable long last battery. Although we like speed, each controller is set at a reasonable speed, to insures the safety of all who are watching on the side lines. Package Duration 2 hours

Beads Galore Package $110.00

Create unique one of a kind necklaces, bracelets, and charmes with a variety of colorful beads. Small children are required to have adult assistance when participating. Package Duration 1 hour 30 min

Nerf Wars Package $125.00

YOUR MISSION, SHOULD YOU CHOOSE IT! Seek out your target, and recover the opposing teams flag. Multiple Nerf guns to choose from, small, medium, and large. Thousands of Nerf bullets at your disposal. All participants are required to wear safety glasses. Package Duration 1 hour 30 min

Vintage Arcade Package $150.00

Have fun playing those awesome games from decades past! Take turns going head to head playing those classic games from Atari, Nintendo, and Sega. Over 1300 classic games to choose from, such as Pac-Man, Contra, and Sonic The Hedge Hog. Package Duration 2 hours

Carnival Night Package $200.00

Step Right Up, Don't Be Shy! Have a night of games and prizes! Are carnival games include, Cover The Spot, Spill The Milk, Nerf Shooting Gallery, Rubber Duck Matching Game, Ring Toss, Disc Drop and Carnival Stand-Ins for photo ops. Prizes can be provided by Yesteryear Funland for an additional fee, or by you the host. Package Duration 2 hours

Young Picasso Art Session $18 per person

Express your creative side with our Young Picasso Art Session. Color, Draw, and Paint, whatever you're heart desires. We supply all markers, paints, paper, and canvases. This package is priced per person. Please let us know the number of guest will be attending in advance. Package duration 1 Hour 30 Min.

Drone Obstacle Course Competition $150.00

Test your flying skills with our Drone Obstacle Course. The competition is a process of elimination! 1st Place Winner receives a prize! Each Participant must have a cellphone, and will be given a link to optimize drone camera. Each participant will receive a crash course prior to fly a drone. Each participant must sign a waver, stating they have been informed of all safety regulations, and guidelines when flying a drone. We supply all drones, and obstacle course equipment. Outdoor use only! Package Duration 2 hours

Disney Toy Box Speedway Tournament $150

Have a blast as you and others compete for the finish line, with one of our many Disney Infinity Characters. Tournament is a process of elimination! Winner receives a trophy Courtesy of Yesteryear Funland.

Tank Combat $180.00

Your next mission should you choose it, to seek out your enemy, and save the small town from annihilation! Each tank is 1:48 scale equipped with a target sensor that flashes when you hit your opposing target. All buildings are 1:48 scale, giving that realistic feeling of battling in a foreign land. All participants must sign waver before engaging in activity. Package Duration 1 hour 30 min.

Skylanders SuperChargers Tournament $150

Have a blast as you and others compete for the finish line, with one of our many Skylanders Characters. Tournament is a process of elimination! Winner receives a trophy Courtesy of Yesteryear Funland.

As a traveling toy museum, exhibitions take a lot of planning, and preparation to ensure our spectators have the best experience possible.
Our exhibitions are on a quarterly rotation, featuring toys and related pop culture celebrations.

Quarterly Schedule 

  • First Quarter January 1 - March 31
  • Second Quarter April 1 - June 30
  • Third Quarter July 1 - September 30
  • Fourth Quarter October 1 - December 10th. 
Special Themed exhibits can be requested, additional fees will apply!

Please allow 2-3 months for planning and preparation!

Requesting An Appearance 

To request an appearance, please contact our office.
Monday - Friday 9 AM - 3PM
Phone:(419) 502-6001

Type In Subject: Request An Appearance

In your email please supply all information including,
Personal Mailing Address:
Address Where The Exhibition Will Be Held:
Type of Event You Are Hosting:
Number Of People Attending:

Once we have your request, we will then contact you within 1-3 business days, to let you know availability, and begin the planning process.

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Traveling Distance image
Yesteryear Funland travels all over Ohio including surrounding states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

Our normal demographic area of travel is a 50 mile radius from our home base of Sandusky Ohio.

Note: Anything outside of our normal demographic area of travel is subject to additional travel fees.

An addition of .60 cents per mile will be added onto the total cost for your event
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Visit our Store!

Our vast inventory includes a variety of vintage toys, collectibles, art works, comics and much more.

• We Buy, Sell, & Trade!

• Appraise collections!

• Sell on consignment!

Located inside: Lake Erie Gifts & Decor
1521 Cleveland Road
Sandusky, OH 44870
Phone: 419 -627-0015

If you are looking for that unique collectible, contact our office.

Yesteryear Funland Traveling Toy Museum
Monday - Friday 9 AM to 3 PM
Phone: 419-502-6001
History image

Yesteryear Funland began as a dream!

Over the past four decade, Co-Founders Shawn Butler and John Zura have amassed thousands of toys dating from the early 1900's to present, and continues to grow daily.

Their private collections are housed on private property's in Erie County, Ohio.

Prior to establishing Yesteryear Funland, Shawn was a successful Disc Jockey, and owner of his own company, "Total Sound Entertainment."

For twenty four years, he entertained thousands of people, and performed hundreds of weddings.

In 2013, he teamed up with long time friend who was a die-cast and military toy enthusiast John Zura.

Together, they scoured the countryside,  visiting flea markets, estate sales, and toy conventions, looking for that next worthy toy for preservation.

In 2016, Shawn invested his time into multiple courses, studying the history of toys, and how they impact children throughout the decades, including advanced studies in pop culture, creative writing, and small business.

In 2018, Shawn & John established Yesteryear Funland LLC, a traveling toy museum designed to captivate audiences of all ages.

Upon request, the two make appearances at parties, schools, libraries, and various organizations.
Mission image
Our Mission: Specializing in the preservation, education, and exhibition of antique and vintage toys.
Goals image
Our Goals: To recapture chilldhood at its best, and preserve and showcase these toys for future generations to enjoy.
Shawn's Childhood

Shawn grew up on a small farm with his family outside the small town of Fitchville, Ohio.

The farm was a working farm with livestock, a garden, acerage to tend and firewood to chop, but Shawn always found a way to sneak in some play time.

One day, in the late summer of 1978, Shawn's father brought home a reel to reel movie projector.

He said, "You have to see this movie everyone is talking about." With a pull of the living room window shade and the flick of a lite switch,
Star Wars "New Hope" appeared in black and white, and with no sound.

Although the movie was not in its entirety, Shawn was fascinated with the many creatures and was then there hooked.

Over the past four (4) decades, Shawn has amassed over 20,000 peices of Star Wars toys, props, memorabilia, & lifesize statues.

But the thrill of toy hunting did not stop just with Star Wars!

Shawn began collecting various toys that were popular throughout the decades, spanning from the 1900s to present.

In 2013, Shawn partnered with long time friend and toy enthusiast John Zura.

In 2014, Shawn's private Star Wars collection was recognized by Fox 8 News and local media.

Today Shawn's & John's toy collection is an astounding 35,000 pieces and continues to grow each day.


Prior to his graduation in 1990 from Perkins High School, and Ehove Vocational School, Shawn founded his own Disc Jockey Company, Total Sound Entertainment,
where he entertained thousands and performed hundreds of weddings.

In 1995, Shawn partnered with Streetplayers Emcee and signed a two year contract with Cedar Point Amusement Park, to entertain the guests while they waited in long lines to ride the roller coasters.

Prior to founding Yesteryear Funland,
Shawn furthered his education by attending business and creative course through Terra Community College.

Shawn furthered his passion of toy history, by attending online courses through the Smithsonian, studying pop culture, and how it has impacted the toy industry through the decades.

Shawn is the writer for the museum's social media page, Yesteryear Pop Culture, & Today's Funland, celebrating the lush history of toys, and their founders.
co-Founder & Head Curator Shawn Butler image
Co-Founder & Online Sales Manager image
John Zura's Childhood

John made toys his life!

John was born and raised in a suburbs of Sandusky, Ohio. Growing up he always found time to collect and developed the art of making models, dioramas, and movie prop replicas. For decades, he has traveled to conventions, toy meets, garage sales and flea markets to find that next amazing and rare toy.

John currently houses the largest Boba Fett collection of the Star Wars brand in Ohio. He also has an infinity and appreciation for die-casts, and military toys which stems from growing up in a military home with his father John Zura senior, who was a United States Marine during the Vietnam War.


Following his graduation from Perkins High School in 1991, John joined the United States Marine Corp., and was honorably discharged in 1996. He currently works for the Pittsburgh Paint Company in Huron Ohio.

As a second career, he is Yesteryears online store manager, and assists Shawn with their traveling exhibition, sharing the highlights of their collection with children of all ages.
Toy Donations image
Toy Donations

Yesteryear Funland appreciates all toy and/or game donations!

By donating you not only show your support, you assist us with our search for toys and/or games that deserve to be preserved and exhibited for all to enjoy.

If you have a special toy, toys, games, or an entire collection you wish to donate, please email us at or call our office at (419)502-6001.

We also encourage toy collectors to share there collections, by loaning to Yesteryear Funland.

For sharing your toy or collection you will receive a Yesteryear Funland toy exhibition certificate, and recognition next to your display. If you are interesting in loaning to the museum, please  email us at about your collection. 

Thank you for your support


Clients of Yesteryear Funland are required to read and understand our policies page. By reading this page you acknowledge all of our policies, scheduling requirements, rules, regulations, recommendations, cancellations late policy, liability, and privacy policy.

Scheduling an Exhibition

Exhibitions are set up quarterly, unless otherwise specified. Exhibitions take a lot of planning and preparation to ensure our spectators have the best experience possible. Please allow 2-3 months for planning and preparations.

Please email us at, and let us know what type of exhibition you are looking to host. Please supply all information including Date; Time; Name & Address of Place of Exhibition; and a brief description about your event.

Once we have your request, one of our planning department members will then contact you within 1-3 business days, and begin the planning process.

Children on Tours

Children ages 6-12 are not permitted in designated areas of exhibits without adult supervision. Children under the age of sixteen (16), and one supervising adult is required for every three (3) children under the age of thirteen (13). Larger groups of children such as school exhibitions will be broken up accordingly into several sessions, and additional adult supervision is required. Please advise your younger wards no touching allowed.

It has been our experience that children under the age of six (6) typically become bored, and loose interest really quick. Children who loose interest become fidgety and tend to disrupt the tour. We wish for our spectators to have the best experience possible. To encourage a quality tour we do not recommend children under the age of six (6) attend tours.

Indoor Exhibitions Only Policy!

Exhibitions must be held indoors and in a climate controlled environment!
Exposure to the elements can cause damage to the collection. Some of our collectibles are not replaceable.

Exhibition Spacing

Spacing is very important for our spectators to enjoy themselves and admire the exhibits and participate in fun activities. We ask that when you schedule an exhibition you allow adequate spacing per the number of people attending your event. Space Recommendations are listed on each package selections. Should you have larger crowd than listed, please contact our office for further recommendations.

Eat & Drinking

Yesteryear does not permit eating and drinking in the exhibit area. Persons with food or drink in hand will be asked to discard such items before the tour will begin. Receptions/banquet areas must be a minimum distance of 15 ft away from exhibit area.

Tour Rules

No bags and/or coats are allowed in exhibit area. Please do not touch or pick up any items in the collection unless handed to you by your guide. You are responsible for any damages you cause to the collection or equipment.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

In the event you must cancel your exhibition, clients must contact our office 72 hours prior to their scheduled event.
Clients can rescheduled within the physical year. Please check our calendar page for availability.

In the event Yesteryear Funland must cancel due to unforeseen circumstances or acts of God, such as illness, accident, injury, or death. We will do our best to accommodate and reschedule your event as soon as possible.
To cancel please contact our office directly at: (419)-502-6001 

Photography Policy

Questions, photographs, and video are allowed and encouraged.


Yesteryear Funland is not liable for injuries or losses over which it has no control. You are responsible for any and all damages you cause to the collection or equipment.

Privacy Policy

Your email address is kept private and you may unsubscribe at any time to our newsletters. We will never sell or share your address or use it for any purpose other than to communicate with you about Yesteryear Funland.
All Information, prices and policies are subject to change without notice. 

Intellectual Property

Yesteryear Funland LLC respects all associated properties and trademarks of its private collection. The collection is used for educational purposes under the "Fair Use Act", section 107 of Federal Copyright Law.

No funds are used to acquire collectibles.

For more information email